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Someone who is being a genuine douchebag on Google+. They can either be making a bunch of really stupid updates, making rude comments on your posts, or +1ing updates about your grandmother dying.
Person 1: Dude, can you believe what Mark posted on Google+ last night?
Person 2: Nah dude, he was being such a Circle Jerk.

Person 1: I posted, "RIP Love you grandma," on my Google+ last night and Mark +1'd it.
Person 2: He thinks he's so funny, but really he's just a Circle Jerk.
by sillyrob July 11, 2011
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An emo kid who is beyond your average emo kid. You buy a new pair of Converse, he'll do it too but then smear them in dog shit to look more used. You buy a sport coat from a thrift store, he'll beat up an old man and steal his, then rub it in dog shit so it seems more old. If you eat ice cream, he'll smear it in dog shit then eat it, but only because he's retarded.
"That kid over there is moreemothanyou, but at least you smell good."
by sillyrob March 21, 2007
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