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Whoever wrote definition 20 is ignorant and immature. I do know that every branch (yes, even Army.. in fact mostly Army) will talk shit on every other branch.. but here we go.. about the jumping out of planes shit, I'd do it if I had the option. Yes, all Marines know how to fight, we all know how to shoot, we are trained to fire a rifle in bootcamp dipshit. Hence the saying "Every Marine is a rifleman first.", we DO in fact end up staying awake for days at a time with maybe an hour of sleep and two MRE's.. that's the Crucible, also in bootcamp. Our Drill Instructors don't cuss, what the fuck is wrong with your head?? We were FOUNDED in a BAR... we talk like Sailors... and they're known for their choice of words, sure we have female recruits trained at Parris Island, that's because we don't have bootcamps all over the country like the Army.

Oh, we do patrol with heavy rucks, usually more than 60lbs... again.. in BOOTCAMP.. Sorry, it's true that Marine infantry is better than regular Army infantry, it's our training. It's the truth. I'm not being biased at all. The Corps doesn't need your opinion.
Individuals will talk shit on other branches, it will always happen, it isn't just the Marine Corps.

Don't talk shit on an ENTIRE branch. Individuals make the decisions to be ignorant.
by sicdisaster January 11, 2011

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