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1. a bonerjam is where individuals gather, as many would gather for a party or fiesta, and have so much fun dancing with each other to music that causes individuals to jam, or dance to, and in the process forcing the males to achieve a mind-blowing erection. Females can achieve a boner jam by developing increased hardening in their nipples and a moistness in their vaginal area. The difference between males and females is that the male must jam his boner into something and the female must have her vaginajammed with a boner. Out of this act a dish may be contrived, known as bonerjambalaya, with its roots in Creole culture.

2.an individual that sucks so hard at life that he dances, or jams, to music but he is such a loser, or boner that his dancing is referred to as a "bonerjam". Those dubbed "bonerjam" are never very popular with the general public.
1.Bryan and all his friends had such a fun time at the beach that when someone started blasting Lady Gaga, a bonerjam ensued, resulting in a very dirty and sandy bonerjambalaya that was left in puddles all over the sand.
2. Jessica walked into the class reunion and requested "Take on Me" by Ah-Ha and resulted in a horrific display of one of the greatest bonerjams, causing all who witnessed it to begin whipping cake at her in disgust.
by shukakke May 28, 2010
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