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1. A terrifying, unremovable creature that will not vacate the bowl of you're toilet without a fight- cannot be killed with tritional munitions, seek help of hobbit.
2. A sentient, rabid turd with razor sharp teeth- commonly found with glowing, malevolant eyes filled with a ravenous hatred of all things living: vacate home and avoid all plumbing and psychological help and do not under any circumstance take the medications for you're mental health or stop licking that hallucinagenic toad you are holding.
Trust noone and never stop running- they are all working with it, trust and believe.
The struggle is as real as you're need for professional help, because noone can save you now, and it's only a matter of time before carl the turd finishes his work and ends the life anyone unfortanute enough to lay eyes on this unrelenting incarnate of evil- it will not stop until you are dead and has followers everywhere so get used to running and holding it at all costs.
Good luck, you will need it.
1. Sounds like you've got a Toilet dragon in there... I'll just go outside.
2. Oh no, I just made a Toilet dragon, it's all over now, this is all folks. The teeth....
by shiftmybits February 1, 2018
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