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"A lady's boyfriend in name only." (a.k.a. A.L.B.I.N.O.) When a woman claims to have a boyfriend when in fact she does not. Because this claim is false, the boyfriend exists in name only.

This usually occurs in one of two circumstances:

1. When guys make unwanted advances in a public setting, some women will falsely claim to have boyfriends in order to stop their advances, often claiming one of their nearby male friends as their boyfriend. This is particularly effective when the albino is ripped or jacked because the men engaging in unwanted advances are usually loathe to have these advances result in violence.

2. Feeling insecure about being single and/or going alone to an event, a woman will claim to have a boyfriend and bring him to the event to show off as evidence.
That girl's not fooling anybody: her albino is clearly gay.

Ah, that's sad; she couldn't even find an albino to attend the wedding with her.
by shaydc February 17, 2011

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