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BILLIONS watch it

with over 30 countries competing
the world cup is the biggest stage on earth

even if you hate footbal (as i do) you still have to watch as its just so gripping...the world cup is for europeans,africans,and south americans. its not really for americans as they think soccer is shit.

the world cup in england is amazing.when an england match is on
the roads are empty

during the cup,every single advert you see is about this amazing football tournament- from gillete razor blades,to macdonals,to car,tv,perfume/cologne adverts
its the biggest 5 weeks of your life!
if you come to europe or any other country apart from the USA you will see how big and how the world cup can dominate you life for its duration

people become so passionate about the cup,as you support your country.they leap and scream as someone scores a goal or is given a red card

the world cup provides drama that no fiction author could make up
"omg did you see when beckham missed thate penatly in the world cup"
by shar7p July 03, 2006

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