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a group of girls who are all wifey material. Their smiles radiate like the sun, and their amazing personalities shine even when the power goes out. They have big hearts, and will love you like its Valentines Day everyday. They will make you laugh with their jokes, and not ask you to pay cover like a comedy club. They make friends with the workers at Trader Joes, and even homeless people on the streets. They are part of the 1% minority of the population who have as many friends in real life as they do on facebook. They are sweet like a chocolate bar, and very classy; they are Ferrero Rocher, not Hersheys. Delicious and a little nutty, but always appreciated. They are multi ethnic and come from different backgrounds, but they go together like fast food and heart disease. Except none of them have heart disease. Nor any other disease for that matter.
Thats a cool group of girls!
Ya, they're all Balconey beezies
by shalupa March 06, 2010
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