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A name that has been passed down for generations and generations to come. Derivied from the name Fasihuddin. Synomous with power, luxury, muscle, dominance, and class. Among the prestigous of people, and a blood-line of individuals that go one to become great.
This town is run by the Fasih's. I don't give up because I'm a Fasih. The leader of the pack was a Fasih.

My father and his father were Fasih men.
by shadih July 12, 2011
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Arishaa is one that is outgoing and very social. She can be a leader of the pack. She is also a lioness. others follow her, and she follows none. She's one with nature and free spirted going any direction the wind may blow.
As you look at the female pack fo lions, the one is charge is an arishaa.

Pocahontas can best be described as an arishaa.

Arisha is the queen bee.
by shadih July 12, 2011
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