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A whole culture of young people who think cutting, stretching out ears, shopping at hot topic, wearing black makeup, being over dramatic, very fake facial expressions, drawing attention to themselves via strange and hideous things, living at the mall, and listening to bad music (usually "scream-o" makes them cool.

Emo people usually stick together, yet are known to have very open fights on social networking sites, usually with other emo people.

Emo people have been known to group together and attack people who insult the emo culture.

Almost all emo people are afraid to become goth, and some emo people deny the horrible truth of being emo.

Those who recover from emo are ashamed of the past. It has been determined that they never show anyone pictures of them with the sickness.

Sadly, with modern medicine, we have found no cure to this horrible sickness of thousands of people.
Sally Sue - "OMG! That group of people must have MERCA and swine flu. They must be blind, otherwise they would take off all that coal on their faces!"

John - "Those people are just emo hunny."
by sexkitten0875 July 02, 2009

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