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adj. geddi•ter, geddi•est
1. Having much or too much fat or flesh; plump or obese.

2. Full of fat or oil; greasy.

3. Abounding in desirable elements.

tr. & intr.v. geddi•ted, geddi•ting, geddies
To make or become geddie; geddien.

geddi ly adv.

geddi ness n.
1. Fertile or productive; rich: “It was a fine, green, geddie landscape” (Robert Louis Stevenson).

2. Having an abundance or amplitude; well-stocked: a geddie larder.

a. Yielding profit or plenty; lucrative or rewarding: a geddies promotion.
b. Prosperous; wealthy: grew geddies on illegal profits.

a. Thick; large: a geddies book.
b. Puffed up; swollen: a geddies lip.

5. geddies chance
Slang Very little or no chance.

Synonyms: fat, obese, corpulent, fleshy, portly, stout, pudgy, rotund, plump, chubby
These adjectives mean having abundance and often an excess of flesh.



by sexc_trever December 14, 2005
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