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A person who acts favorably to his or her peers to gain stasis or fancy that will eventually be used to their advantage. Such as a raise, promotion, or acceptance in a group. Usually brown nosers will do anything to gain the approval of their person of choice. These people can also be described as losers because they can’t work for what they want, instead they play dirty and butter-up the boss/teacher/peer into getting what they want. Mcbride's usually can't do more than 2 pull-ups and have a 3 mile run-time of 28 minutes. Mcbride is the definition of a white knight, also know as captain save-a-hoe.
Bro, that LCpl failed the pft and still got promoted to Cpl! wtf!

Wow, that's bullshit! I would of never thought he would mcbride so hard.
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by senior x September 18, 2018

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