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- town where tomas kalnoky of streetlight manifessto grew up.
- where the title "Keasbey Nights" is derived from.
- what the overly fantastic album Keasbey Nights is sometimes referred to for short.
- Keasbey Nights is the first album of catch 22, when tomas kalnoky was part of the band. he later left the band and created Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution BOTAR and the more widely known Streetlight Manifesto.
- Keasbey Nights was remade by Streetlight in 2006.
"Keasbey is one of the greatest ska albums of all time."
by sedated May 25, 2007

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The most contreversial and fake band I know. Not REALLY goth. Not "REALLY a christian" band. Not REALLY worth my time.
My god, my tourniquet. Heaven shine a light down on me.

Not a christian band my ass. Evanescence...what happened?
by Sedated June 07, 2007

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