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Abreviation of 'Penetrate' or 'Penetration,' used specifically in reference to sexual activity.
"I've got a good feeling i'm gonna peno someone tonight."

"Last night I was getting double peno from two guys at once."
by scoole October 26, 2009
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An abreviation of the expression 'Room Temperature', meaning plain or neutral. Most commonly used in reference to physical appearance; someone who is neither attractive or unattractive.
"Do I think Lindsay Lohan is hot? Erm... I don't know... maybe. Can't quite decide one way or the other. I'd say she's room."
by scoole October 24, 2009
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A substitute or alternative expression for the abreviation 'F' from the word 'Fuck', as in "What the F?"
What the Efron is she playing at?
by scoole June 28, 2010
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Used in reference to an attractive woman whom you would be proud to have sex with.
"She's the hottest girl I've ever seen! I'd wash her!"

"That girl I've pulled is so ugly, I wouldn't wash her! But she's easy, and I'm so desperate for sex that I'll probably sleep with her anyway, and then feel really ashamed of myself in the morning."
by scoole October 25, 2009
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