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Noun, Adjective

1. A woman classified as black who endorses feminism under the guise of seeking equality with black men within the non-existent black male patriarchy archetype

2. A woman who falsely asserts Black Male Privilege to black men who are dominated by White Supremacy

3. A woman classified as black who goes out of their way to avoid attacking white supremacy and white male patriarchy, which is the foundation for the original white female founded feminist movement against systematic white male patriarchy that withheld rights and privileges from white women

4. A woman classified as black who seeks a dating, marriage or concubinage relationship with white males all while conveniently denying said white males as source of their societal burdens as members of both the black race and female gender

5. An agent of White Supremacy
These Black Feminist HATE regular straight Black Men with a passion.
by satam55 October 15, 2016
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