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NOUN: a boy who is very bald and has a round, shiny head.
also: debberlou, debberhosen, beverly
OMG look at Debberhosen! He's SO BALD!!!!

I KNOW. OMFG look at the bald debberhosen right there.
by saraisyobaby'sdaddeh April 09, 2008

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VERB: 1. to be a sexy beast, or to preform the act of sexy-beasting. 2. to have sexy parties, get crunk, and act like a retard.
Sara, Jenny, and Jill are such sexy beasts! Look at them, sex-beasting all over the place!!!

Poor Tony. He's so bad at sexy-beasting.

Oooh, look at James. He's trying way too hard to be a sexy beast, he has no idea that he's completely incapable of sexy-beasting.
by saraisyobaby'sdaddeh April 16, 2008

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