1 definition by sam kamkar

really fat hairy jew bag, wears 30 pounds of makeup, really big noes, thinks hes tough, his super hero is mike emmi, weres pink lipstick, and YES HES A MALE not a female, has no friends thinks his cousins are in the mafia, says hes "soposablly" in LA "clubbin it" with his "mafia cousins'" but hes reall sitting at home on "AIM" all day/night long.

i started something called the ATL and the ATL meaning is Anti Tony Lipstick, yes you might say "people have freedom of expression" or "fuck off, leave him alone" ect.. but i also have my freedom of speech.

have YOU ever been called a tony or pink lipstick tony before, and your like wtf mate?

well "tony" and "pink lipstick tony" is a combination of insults as listed above

"can i bum a cig?"..."uh no"..."wow fucking pink lipstick tony".
by sam kamkar July 18, 2007
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