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Chocolate News is a satirical fake news show hosted and head written by David Alan Grier. Its a show with sketches on black culture and a focus on how Grier thinks typical African Americans view things. It is not even close to as terrible as the Mind of Mencia is but its quite boring and not even close to being as funny as Chappelle's Show.
bill: Do you wanna watch Mind of Mencia?

steve: Hell no!!!

bill: How bout Chocolate News?

Steve: No I'm not high enough right now. Lets watch Chappelle's Show instead.

Bill: Fuck yeah!!!
(turns Chappelle's Show on)

Tyrone Biggums: I smoke rocks.
by sEtH307 January 02, 2009

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A mass of hair growing around the the male pubic region.
i've got a luscious v of hair going from my chest pubes down to my ball-fro.
by sEtH307 January 01, 2009

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