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Vagina, Ass, Dick, Shoot is an amazing game. It is a variation of rock, paper, scissor, shoot, or Rochambeau. In this game, you call out, Vagina, Ass, Dick, and Shoot. When you call shoot, you show whatever your doing. Vagina beats ass because vagina can shoot a baby at ass, and dick beats vagina because dick can poke vagina. Also, ass beats dick because ass can suffocate dick. This game was invented by a few kidsfrom Avonworth Middle School. They we're looking for a variation on the game Rock, Paper, Scissor, Shoot, which they used to see who would take out the trash.
"Hey man, i dont really wanna take out the trash today," said Little boy Johnny. "It's ok dude, just play Vagina, Ass, Dick, Shoot with Bob, im sure you'll beat him!"
by s3x Machine December 04, 2007

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