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This one is simple....a nitrous cracker is the handheld device you use to "crack" a can of nitrous oxide for the most insane 'whippit' buzz ever. Sure beats a can of whipped cream... =D
"Bro'....give me the cracker for the nitrous...haha....haha....I can't feel my face....need another can...haha haha...oh man...I can't feel my face!
Give me the nitrous cracker....I need to kill some more brain cells and die laughing....
by ryan @ mobilecomm April 12, 2006
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Niten Ichi Ryu also known as Nito Ryu (Japanese to English trans: the school of two swords) was a form of Kenjutsu (Japanese swordsmanship) created by the legendary sword-saint Musashi Miyamoto (birth name : Takezo Shinmen.)

The style is mostly noted for it's use of using two swords in harmony as one...one to parry, and the other to kill (ex.)

From what I understand of the style's history, Musashi was highly trained by his father in Juttejutsu (skill w/ a steel truncheon) in both standard Jutte, and the Manji-jutte (cross shaped truncheon.)

The jutte is a defensive/offensive tool that switches between the two at a blink....the precursor to the modern Sai used to Okinawan kobudo....
A lateral parry w/ a Shoto (short sword) with a counter cut using the Daito (long sword) is a classic example of Nito Ryu (aka Niten Ichi Ryu.)
by ryan @ mobilecomm April 12, 2006
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