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When a guy hangs out with a girl who is in a relationship in hopes that when or if they break up, she comes to him.
Buddy: I'm going on a gateway date with this girl tonight.
Guy: Oh yeah? So she has a boyfriend?
Buddy: Yeah, but you know she doesn't talk about him at all. I'm pretty sure that means I can slay.
Guy: Alright good luck buddy. Don't get your ass kicked.
by runningddude May 26, 2014

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Someone's collection of sex toys, BDSM inventory, liquor, drugs and drug paraphernalia
If you haven't tried handcuffs you need to add them to your sinventory.
My sinventory is so insane that my liquor cabinets are stocked for a year.
by runningddude October 01, 2015

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1. (v) To half-ass or bullshit something
2. (v) To charm

3 (adj) sexy as hell
4. (n) a runner
1. DO your work right youre pfautzing it
2. He just pfautzed you
by runningddude November 04, 2011

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