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Acronym - I'm laugh-ing(-ed) so hard I messed in my pants.
Origin unknown, but most likely created within and due to the internet.

This acronym can be used in the past and present participle, unlike most that can refer to only one occasion.
Subject One: That is funny. Hahaha.
Subject Two: I concur.
Subject One: Oh dear.
Subject Two: What is the matter?
Subject One: ILSHIMIMP.
Subject Two: Oh dear. I shall fetch you some fresh undergarments.
by rtil November 23, 2004
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1. A flowery, nicer sounding phrase for socialized medicine, a system where the government takes even more of your hard earned money to pay for a "free", sub-par healthcare system - where you and the doctors both suffer, because they get crap pay and you have to wait for days just to get a check-up.

2. Something that happens when you decide you'd rather let the government choose who takes care of you instead of yourself.

See also: pipe dream.
1. People in the UK are notorious for having bad teeth because of "universal healthcare" in the dental department. Imagine what would happen if healthcare was socialized amongst all medical fields.

2. "Universal healthcare" assigned me to a specific doctor and put me in a long waiting list of people wanting to go see him. Sounds great.
by rtil July 06, 2008
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Someone who makes an overly dramatic speech about nothing in order to avoid answering real questions and fill people with a false sense of hope.

See also: Marxist, pipe dream.
I have hope for the future of change. Thank you and goodnight.

-Barack Obama
by rtil July 10, 2008
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