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Naperville, n. A prodigy in the online poker community, notorious for his tournament strategy and uncanny instincts. A Naperville is also known for having great luck. (see greg raymer, GB from the SE, luckbox, chris moneymaker). According to the Law Of Bennett, any Naper in good luck will stay in good luck. To sum up "good, solid poker" play by Naperville, if you are allin preflop against The Naperville, have some anal lube handy... gg
"search for naperville on pokerstars, hes at a final table in $11 rebuy"
"i know, i've been watching since he 2-outed that guy allin preflop for a 750k pot"
"you mean the hand before he dodged 41 outs allin on the flop?"
"No, when the flop was AK4 and he had AA to KK for 900k"
"oh yea, naperville plays good solid poker"
by ross hannay June 27, 2006
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