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Unlike a traditional mentor relationships, in which a naive younger person is tutored in the way of things by an older, more experienced teacher, a "Reverse Mentor" is a young person who becomes guru to an older person on new technology and style, like the internet, social networking tools, popular music, current fashion, etc.
"Get someone younger to keep you up to speed on all things twitter, disqus and friendfeed. Tom offered to lend me his reverse mentor—but I need my own!" - Maryam Banikarim, in The Daily Beast, July 12 2009.
by rlarrett July 11, 2009

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Tubeable (TOOB-a-bull)
A scene, incident, or pre-existing video clip so amusing or otherwise notable as to be worthy of being disseminated to a wider audience via YouTube.

Example: "Boy, I wish I'd had my video camera when my cat fell in the toilet - it was totally tubeable!",
by rlarrett April 03, 2009

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