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A brilliant work of fiction in the form of a comic book, written by Allan Moore in the 1980's. the story follows Evey who becomes linked to a very mysterious veiled vandal with an idea to overthrow the villainous vermin of Britain's government via vindicated, vast extermination and a vicious sense of justice. Throughout the story we find vestige to verify his vengeance and know him only as the V, the virtuous, versatile vandal out to vanquish the vain, venal villians spitting venomous variations of truth to the obedient populace and thus acheive his vendetta. A truly invigorating version of justice.

It was made into a movie in 2006, which was fine unless you've read the original comics and realize how badly they distorted the story.
this comic/movie, V for Vendetta, is most definately worth checking out.
by risarawr January 3, 2007