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A social (stereo)type created by an unfortunate mish-mash of West Coast bro, hip-hop pop culture, and New England Ivy League-esque prep. Members of this stereotype are frequently self-proclaimed and often act foolishly regardless of their actual intelligence. The most stereotyped East Coast bro follows an unusual, almost peacock-like pattern of dress commonly involving clashing styles, like prep-school pastel Tommy Hilfiger shirts with dingy sweatpants, redneckish logo baseball caps, and long surfer hair. He tries to talk like a mix of 90s surfer and a rapper, and acts as though he has very little regard for anything. He may seem to be trying to "swagger" when he walks, which, depending on the grace of the perpetrator, may be fine or may come off looking like he just got off a horse he's been riding for three days. The population is slowly growing in education centers of the East Coast, at a rate almost equal that of the growth of the hipster population.
First Friend: Oh, no, here one comes.
Second Friend: Another one?

First Friend: Yep. I can see the Harvard red and the backwards cap from here. It's an East Coast Bro.
by rickytickytricky December 02, 2011
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