4 definitions by reluctant liar

When someone tries to hit you up after ghosting you.
This dude already ghosted me twice but decided to start txting again. He's haunting me.
by reluctant liar April 29, 2016
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When somebody completely cuts you off and stops responding to you then comes back like nothing happened.
That guy asked me out, stopped texting me completely, then just came back like nothing happened. I got ghosted and haunted.
by reluctant liar April 30, 2016
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When you look like a potato and you're also super greasy.
I look like a potato and I've been sweating at the gym all day and I'm so greasy and disgusting. I'm a french fry today.
by reluctant liar July 15, 2016
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A photo taken with the intention of becoming a Tinder profile picture.
I picked out a really cute outfit today- will you take some tinder snaps for me?
by reluctant liar July 06, 2016
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