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An event involving a homeschooler, his mother as a date, and his father as a DJ. Often the cause of homeschooling controversy as the vote for prom "king" typically appears rigged (the homeschooler always wins for both junior and senior prom). The lights are always kept on as well as room being left for the Holy Spirit during dancing. Tears are shed when the dad/DJ cuts in to dance with the mom/date, and the family pet is never deemed a sufficient alternative for slow songs. The homeschooler's virginity is usually lost because the night is ripe with sexual tensions, as the homeschooler will have had no prior encounters before the age of 18, and there is no one more qualified for the job than his friend and lover - his mother. She is always up to the task.
Riley: "Wow! You were prom king for two years in a row?!? You must have been pretty popular in high school!"

Joe: "You could say that. It was a homeschool prom!"

Riley: "That doesn't count."
by relize February 07, 2012

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