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David is a man that always makes you feel special. He is charming, interesting, clever and so funny... David has beautiful long black hair and the most beautiful and brown eyes. Everyone who meets David loves him...he is so fun to be around and I am always finding myself thinking about him. He is also a flirt and a bit of a tease and gets a kick out of girls getting jealous of each other over him. David is sweet, thoughtful, generous and respectful to all people. David has a beautiful singing voice and he frequently uses it like a tool to get women in into bed, and it works...sings like a dream. The best thing about David is that he is not afraid to be himself, uninhibited and open...he tells you like it is, a total turn on! This guy is addicting... the more you see David the more you crave David... David is the BEST kisser and..... yes......Yes......YES....in bed he will blow your mind! David really is an amazing guy he is gentle and strong and proud....and I am really happy that I know him.
Girl #1: Did you see that? David just gave that bitch a hug. He's never given me a hug like that. That bitch, ughhh.
Girl #2: Ya what's up with that? Is she his girlfriend or something?
by redhead19 March 21, 2017

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Beautiful and intelligent and radiant! Eryn is the light of my life. She makes me so proud.
You wish you were as good as Eryn, everyone does.
by redhead19 March 22, 2017

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