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The black panther group was made to protect the black community. And the some guy leaves a comment saying "the advocated the rape of white women and murder of white police officers and whose other co-founder huey newton died of a heroin over dose in 1989" 1st thing is oooooooo the these people raped a lady BIG SHIT! You peaple Hung so many Black peole and your talking about one rape. I was also watching this news report on a story. About 50 years ago a young black boy was kidnapted beaten and tortured all because he wistled at a white girl. And these people complain about some black panthers that killed cops. mabe if half of those cops hobbies wasnt going around beating up black people and sometimes killing them this wouldnt have happend. THE BLACK PANTHER DID WHAT THEY WERE SUPPOSE TO DO...WHICH IS PROTECT THE BLACK COMMUNITY.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Black panthers were the good guys not no police.
WHite people should never complain about any black killing them black Panther was a good group and was nothing like the KKK
by redgggsd November 30, 2006

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