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The belief that all forms of government are oppressive and should be abloished. It's also a belief that many people are too close-minded, ignorant, and governmentally dependent too actually sit back and think about on a regular basis. It's more than a "circled A" or kicking over political signs (contrary to popular belief.) It's people realizing that we're all equal, and noone is wise enough to rule over his fellow man, no person is better than another! So the next time you say "anarchy is dumb and it'll never work" or "it's so immature", pull your head out of your arse and think about it.
no, i don't shop at hot topic, nor do i like all those poser bands so many enjoy. hot topic is overpriced crap and it's very contrdictary to buy anarchy merchandise there becasue it has sales tax which goes to the government. MAKE YOUR OWN CLOTHES AND JEWELRY!
by redandblack April 6, 2005
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