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1a. usually a buff fella who greets other hurly bro-dawg with a combination of words containing: beginning- wud up, yo, wuz up, hey. ending- bro, braski, dude, duder, dawg. or a variety of other made up words such as: brotally, brawsome, hella or words stolen from the niggah
1b. and also wears hurley shirts or other jock related clothing;also known to sometimes smash things for no reason
2. a complete and total douche bag
Hurley bro-dawg 1: Wud up bro!!
Hurley bro-dawg 2: Word duder!!
Hurley bro-dawg 1: Lets snag some beer and score some fine hoes
Hurley bro-dawg 2: Fuck yeah bro!! Wait lets smash this chair first.
Hurley bro-dawg 1: Fuck yeah braski!!
(followed by a series of fives and daps)
by reburn December 07, 2004

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