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the best school ever. you can smoke weed all day and write papers trashing capitalism all night. st. mary's is where you go to study the rest of fuckhead population USA. kids there don't give a shit what they're going to do after college, they'll be a teacher or something. this school makes you a better human being. also the professors are awesome.
"so what's your essay on?"
"i'm turning my paper for 'sexuality in modernism' into a paper about communism."
"oh yeah, i forgot you go to St. Mary's College of Maryland"

"where are you?"
"i'm at St. Mary's College of Maryland. i'm drinking beer with some people on a beach but all they have is natty bo."

"i'm a student at St. Mary's College of Maryland, and i'm so high i don't even remember what i wrote in this urban dictionary entry"
by realdumper283 March 11, 2010
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