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The richest town in New Jersey and in the New York City area. It is exclusively large homes and estates with no real commercial area. Very private community of wealthy families and celebrities where the mail is delivered to a central post office because the residences don't have mailboxes or house numbers. The town has a school that only goes to eighth grade, but its so small because most kids go to private schools in New York or local private schools. Neighbors include Puff Daddy, Lil' Kim, and Chris Rock. Madonna was rumored to be looking for a home in the area, and Jay-Z was forced to look elsewhere when the town didn't see his house plans as up to par. There was currently the sale of the Frick Estate for over $50 Million and one of the largest homes on the east coast (60,000+ sqft) is on the market for $40 Million. The town is listed as #8 on the Forbes' List of Richest Towns in America. Most people don't know of the town, even though it is only 15 minutes from New York City.
Take a house tour of Alpine, NJ when you want something fun to do.
by rb227 February 12, 2006
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