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A physical condition resulting from too much time in front of a computer. In males, computer ass results in muscular atrophy or a loss in muscle tone. In females, computer ass results in a disproportional flattening and spreading out of the lower cheeks.

The end result in either sex is not very sexy. People no longer look at their posteriors and go “DAMN!”

Computer ass is not to be confused with White-Guy Butt (WGB) which is a genetic condition most often affecting male Caucasians.
Ex. 1: All this X-Box is giving me computer ass.

Ex. 2: Check out Shaniqua, she's got some major computer ass since she got broadband internet. No badunka dunk there anymore.
by ralph2k August 18, 2006
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The male genetic disposition for having a flat ass. An ass that has no POW! or lacks badunka dunk. Most commonly associated with male Caucasians, white-guy butt (or WGB) can also be found on other male members of all races.

White-guy butt is not to be confused with computer ass, which results from a lack of activity associated with hours and hours of daily computer usage.
Dude: Stupid white-guy butt, my pants keep falling down 'cause I got no ass!!!

Chicky: That's some serious no-ass WGB, yo.
by ralph2k August 18, 2006
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