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Expression of being in a bad mood over a relatively minor incident, often resulting after a series of minor bad events over the course of a certain period of time
I am so bitter this morning. Last night I forgot to set my alarm clock an hour back for daylight savings so it went off an hour early and I couldn't fall back asleep, I went to go eat breakfast and their was mold on the bread and we were out of pulp free OJ, and I didn't have any clean socks so I had to wear flip flops to school in the rain and I hate school in the rain, don't you?
by rah rah May 20, 2005

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1.a hoe who likes skeet, or it is also a sexual active woman or girl who takes part in giving head and likes to swallow skeet
2.a sexually active woman (ho) who has sex all the time and only enjoys the skeet/ejaculation part
That ho over there is such a skeezer, she can't get herself enough skeet.
by rah rah March 18, 2006

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