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I am a Texan by birth but am living in Oklahoma temporarlily. Tulsa is much prettier than any big texas city, and the poverty rate in Oklahoma is not nearly as bad as Texas' (last I heard Texas has the worst poverty and pollution in the nation). Texans tend to have very backwards political views, even in "progressive" Austin. "Liberal" in Texas means you don't agree with the execution of mentally retarded people, oppose anti-sodomy laws, and don't think people should be allowed to carry around fully auto machine guns. The only substantive difference between OK and TX is that TX has about 28 million people, and Oklahoma little over 3 million.
Prettier than Texas for the most part, much more mountainous on average. Nicer lakes. More of a "western", forward-looking political spirit than the arrogant, backwards political paradigm in Texas.
by radioboi August 05, 2004

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