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In Halo2, the combination of the Plasma Pistol and Battle Rifle/Covenant Carbine. The charged plasma pistol shot will instantly drain the victims shield, followed quickly by a single shot to the head from a rifle. Called the n00b combo for any of several reasons:
a: out of spite because it just killed you in under a second
b: because it can be utilized by players of lesser skill to easily defeat those of exponentially higher skill.
c: because the auto-aim in Halo2 is so significant that even a n00b could get kills with it.
Particularly difficult to counter do to poor weapon balance in Halo2, use of this combo is seen as bad form or a sign of mediocre skill.
D@mn! That guy's got the n00b combo and I'm stuck with an SMG! I wish Halo2 were as balanced as Halo!
by pwn493 September 19, 2005

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