1 definition by pussyeater232

basically a very shitty game that makes you want to kill yourself and never want to live again, there also many clowns that run and play for cooldowns (niggers)

after i played the game i wanted to cut my head off from the amount of autistic children that haven't seen daylight in about 6 days (they're trying to get level 300)

another type of person that plays aba are racist people (90% of the community including me), I got banned for saying "Im ultra racist" while playing aba (roblox account delete) very cool game

another type of player, the dumbass fucking idiot that is white and says the weirdest things ever like "suck me off" "log irl" "die monkey baboon nigger" "*moans* "slits dick"
Person 1: Hey, wanna play Anime Battle Arena (ABA)
Person 2: Yea, but just letting you know I play, Might Guy, Pain, Lancer, Iskandar, Ishtar (yea im gay)
Person 1: Nevermind, go kill yourself.
by pussyeater232 May 24, 2022