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A cougar in training; someone just entering their early thirties with aspirations of being the real deal.

Often looks too young to achieve cougardom as eye cream, moisturizer, and a healthy diet are on their side. Non smokers. Non wrinkly hands and necks. Perky, natural boobs.

Age requirement: 30-36ish

Pumas in training are often called mountain screamers and would be in the mid to late twenties.

Liv Tyler and Alicia Silverstone are urban pumas. Technical cougars that can still be classifed as pumas = Ellen Pompeo (even though she's OOOOOLLLLDDDD, she's kept a youthful glow) and Amanda Peet (again, 35, but looks great).

Mountain screamers would be Natalie Portman, LeAnn Rhimes, and Scarlett Johansson.
by pumaqueen October 01, 2007
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