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A cold boring city for people who want to grow old in their young age. A city where the extent of a night out is going to a lame ass bar and getting a hot plate. Guys are all jacked up on steriods becuase they have to make up for their half brains and personalities. Girls are all dirty arrogant NYC wannabees or washed up HS hotties turned fat. Got the rich in east and the italians on the west. Its still the place you always remember but never go back to.
Hey Philly, see that girl

Yea, what about her she is disgustingly fat.

Well, that is Tara. Remember her?

Yea, wasn't she one of the hottest whores in Gates?

Yep, its a Rochester tradition! Girls get fat and keep the attitude.
by ptpcc October 26, 2005
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