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the thing that creates hate and killers and or psycos im insane cause of it child abuse is when someone parent or gardian beats the shit out of theyre kids for no reason in some cases holds them up with knives and shotguns (that was my situation) mental abuse is when they tell you your shit and youll never amount to any thing(also my situation he also :called my mom a whore behind her back)child abuse is committed by only the scumb of the earth
i hate the man who did this to me
fuck child abuse!
by psycotic goth July 10, 2008

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one of the best bands ever cradle of filth came straight out of england during 1992 some say theyre black metal some say theyre symphonic whatever they are theyre sick twisted lyrics and deranged muzic videos how can it get any better than that some socalled real goths say they suck cuz theyre popular well fuck those goths they suck
guy1:cradle of filth rocks
guy3:whata fudge packer you dont know about cof
by psycotic goth July 10, 2008

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