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btw! no lo/lette is better than another for those of you who think they are.. not trying to be disrespectful to any of my fam! even violent j said that we are all equal.. there is no ranking in our fam guys.
btw! for those of you who think treatin ppl that we've never met like fam cuz they are los/lettes is stupid, maybe you should give it a try! your life might be more fulfilling if you treat ppl with respect instead of hating on them! and in our own way we are bringing masses of ppl together who love each other regardless (at least we are spose to.) it's more than we can say of the rest of society who kills each other over petty differences like the kind of lifestyle they live or the music they love or the way they dress! i'm a lette and i accept anyone who accepts me! fam or not! and for the ones in our fam who do things that even most of our fam don't approve of.. well, i don't condone any of the violence or acts of them, but i believe that you are a product of your environment. if someone is hated on their whole life, or lives in a ghetto, or has abusive parents then they are lucky to get out without being at least somewhat messed up! to those ppl, their clown fam is all they got! MMFCL, yall!
person who thinks they are a better lo/lette: i'ma betta lo/lette cuz i gotz tons of merchandise and know all of the lyrics ever written by (enter psychopathic artist here.)
juggalo/juggalette : none of that matters! what matters is your down with the clown and your down for life! that you have a fam you would die for and they would do the same for you! MMFWCL!
by psycholette September 16, 2008

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