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Known as the "Gateway to the West" and known for Cardinal's baseball, Saint Louis, Missouri is so much more than meets the eye. In this mid-sized mid-western city can be found such wonders as an internationally ranked zoo, a beautiful art museum, a modern science center, and a well curated history museum, all available for free entry. It also has a rich history with entire districts dedicated to the cultures that have made it into what it is today, such as The Italian Hill or the Irish Dogtown. Its role in the 1904 World's Fair remains alive to this day through the spacious Forest Park located in Saint Louis's Central West End. Ranked by USA Today as the best urban park in 2016, it is full of beautiful native plants, gorgeous waterways, miles of walking paths, and even playing fields for all to enjoy. Saint Louis is a remarkable city, definitely worth a visit.
I love Saint Louis - it's got so much to do.
by psithurismous October 16, 2018
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