2 definitions by professor oi oi

A posh way of describing the actors involved in 'Nuts for Pudding'. It is also common for french people to use this word to decribe someone who eats breakfast for all three meals of the day.
Kev: "Am sure your brother is a dejunier. All he does is eat breakfast!"
Winna: "Yeah he was the main character in Nuts for Pudding"
by professor oi oi July 29, 2016
When you have an awkward boner and cannot keep it in your pants any longer and there isn't a bathroom near by, so you whip it out and pretend you're taking a piss but secretly wank in the bush.
Dan: "Liam mate are you having a wank in the bush?"
Liam: "Na mate just taking a piss, being holding it in all day!"
by professor oi oi July 29, 2016