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ten to the power of six or one thousand squared
sydney kid: less than a million people live in Canberra
math nerd: 1,000,000 or 10^6
rich person: I earn a million dollars per year
by princessjess November 03, 2006

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Captain Feathersword is a friendly pirate who has a feather for a sword, which he uses to tickle everyone--especially the wiggles. His pirate ship is called the "SS Feathersword" and he has a crew of friendly pirates who blow him dwn whenever he says "blow me down". He has magical pirate buttons that make him sing in different ways. He also likes to dance and eat chocolate cake. He is not gay like all the other definitions of him on urban dictionary say and he does not have anything to do with gayness.
Captain Feathersword: "Ahoy there me hearties!"
Friendly pirate crew: "Ahoy there Captain Feathersword"
by princessjess October 20, 2006

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