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weight room beast. sweet laxer. beer drinking hottie. these guys can shoot their lax balls hard and down their beers faster than anyone around. they are used to be sweated by everyone around. are used to being the #1 lax team around and stay the only one who doesnt recruit. they get so much ass, they dont know what to do with it. if your a dad and cant find your daughter on the weekend, check a landon guys bed.
that landon guy is sweeet.
by pride June 04, 2004
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DIX, it mean's DICK it was formed in the iRO loki server XD

HAY, wanna see my DIX!
by Pride April 24, 2004
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landon guys have huge egos
girl 1: whats that thing around that landon guy's head?
girl 2: his ego
by pride January 08, 2005
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