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1) A term defining a certain super strength or power one has because they are mentally challenged, lacking of mental ability or any other similar conditions. It can be used in many different ways, such as descriptive, insulting, empowering or endearing etc. It can also be said in response to someone getting lucky, or sacking you, in or at something when they shouldn't have been able to.
"Wow, Jonah has derp strength. He picked up two guys at the same time."

"WTH?!?! He hasn't got shot all frikkin day!!! but he has no kills!!! He sucks! but why cant i beat him!!! Hes got frikkin derp strength!!!"

Person 1: "LOOOOL, duuuude, you totally sacked him"
Person 2: "I know man. Its dat derp strength"
All Surrounding People: "LOLOLOLOLOL"

Person 1: "Bro, what happened to your eye?"
Person 2: "Dude, i was walking down the hall, and that mentally challenged dude came up and punched the crap out of me"
Person 1: "Yea bro, you gotta watch out for those dudes. You know they got that derp strength"
Person 2: "Derp strength?"
Person 1: "Yea, you know how mentally challenged people somehow are super strong? Thats derp strength"
Person 2: "Well, i didnt know that, but i do now... *rubs eye*"
by poopybuttoxes March 28, 2013

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