1 definition by poonaphobe

An exremely magnificant v8 super 4x4. 4runners were made by toyota and kia since teh early 69's. 4runneres are extremely fast and powerful. my 1.2 liter 2 cylinder 4runner does 0-100km/h in approximatlkey 2.3652152145212236554455696969 seconds. One time me mach truck broke down so i jest threw the trailor on the back of me good old 4runner with no noticable power loss. my 4runner returns approximatley 1.25549566969458565656 liters/100kms. 4runners are extremely good for teh hanky panky. i often get old sheilas in the back for a good time. i have had plenty of threesoms in teh back. the only problem is that semen stains are hard to remove from teh carpet. I bought my 4runner back in 1993 for $35000 new, now its worth approximatley $69696969.696969696969696969. I love my 4runner, it truley is teh best car in teh world. i wash it with dry cum.
"My toyota 4runner is soo fast, i often drag off skylines and xr6 turbos at the lights"
"my 4runner is nearly as nice as my penis"
by poonaphobe September 15, 2008