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Old Fat White Guys. Basically, the gun nut loonies. By far, the majority of gun rights activists are OFWGs.
"OFWGs are Old Fat White Guys. We coined the term to highlight the fact that overweight white males—whose mid-life crisis coincided with Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America—seem to account for a disproportionately large percentage of shooters preparing for an full-on, multi-magazine gunfight. The people who really need this kind of training: law-abiding citizens of color living in high crime neighborhoods. The people who can afford it—and seriously love it—OFWGs. I’m all about freedom of choice, the joys of capitalism and Second Amendment rights. But what are the psycho-socio-economic underpinnings to this caucasian phenom? Are OFWGs retarded adolescents replaying gunfighting scene from Hollywood’s fertile imagination? Is it SHTF paranoia? And while we’re at it, what real-world drills should they be practicing? Ex-wives with knives? What?"
by pookiedook March 8, 2014
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