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Pom- a word developed by the more streetwise of the young teenage girls living in a society running riot with dodgy men. The term 'pom' refers letter by letter to the phrase 'Pervy Old Man'. It can be used in cases where one spots a creepy man who is looking at you in a suggestive and noticeably inappropriate way. It implies one to be in acute sexual danger if deserted by friends and left in the hands of one of these dangerous beings. POMs are usually middle aged to old aged, they hold eye contact with girls for much longer than necessary and sometimes even apply the sinister raised eyebrow approach on seeing a 'good catch.'
Ags: "OMG that creepy guy just looked at my chest for way too long."
Iram: "Yeah, what a frickin' POM."
by pominator101 August 03, 2011
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